Bold Beasts Stockists: Write Blend, Waterloo
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Bold Beasts Stockists: Write Blend, Waterloo

Write Blend: the Pride of Waterloo

On Waterloo’s South Road, just outside of Liverpool, you will find Write Blend, a delightful book shop and coffee bar that has become a hub of the local community since opening three years ago. It’s also the only place in the area where you can buy the full range of Bold Beasts titles (as pictured below).


Although the shop hasn’t been open that long in the grand scheme of things, it got off to a flying start, and is now a key feature of the Waterloo high street.

“The premises were ideal,” says owner Bob Stone – “Before we moved in, there was a gym downstairs and a Costa Coffee upstairs which meant that a lot of the infrastructure was already in place”

As you can see from the pictures, the store is now packed to the brim with all kinds of wonderful books, and the aforementioned coffee bar lies in wait up a short set of stairs. It’s not just the books and the coffee that bring people to Write Blend – as a central hub of the Waterloo & Crosby community

Community Spirit

Write Blend hold regular events, such as author signings (for both kids and adults), open mic poetry nights, and musical performances from a host of talented local artists. There are also events which are more hands-on, such as craft afternoons and writing groups.

“We like to see ourselves as a hub of the community”, says Bob. “It’s not enough to just be a book shop these days. It’s about providing customers with an experience and a sense of belonging”

“In recent years, libraries have reduced their hours due to cuts. This is a terrible shame, but we realised that there were things we could do here that would assume some of those roles”

In keeping with this ethos, Write Blend offer free computer use upstairs, which a lot of people use for pursuing hobbies such as genealogy, as well as other important things like job searches. After all, not everyone has access to a computer at home, and these services can be a lifeline for those who need a little help.

Animal Welfare

Write Blend also act as a collection centre for the brilliant local animal rescue charity Rescue Me, who specialise in getting stray cats from across the area re-homed. In fact, Bob and his family got their own cat from this charity, who is named Georgia Brown! If you have some cat food, toys, or other supplies that you would like to donate, just drop them off at Write Blend at any time during opening hours.

Fiercely Independent

As we said at the start of this blog post, Write Blend is the only bookshop in Waterloo where you can get hold of one of our lovely Bold Beasts books. This approach of working with nearby independent publishers is a key part of their ethos.

“We try to support independent authors – after all, I’m one myself, so I know how hard it is to get established. A lot of shops simply don’t want to know, because they know that independent authors can’t offer the same level of discounts as one of the ‘big boys’.

This is a struggle that many independent authors and artists out there will know very well. With that in mind, it’s a good job that we still have places like Write Blend! If you’re in the area, you simply must give them a visit.

Have you been to Write Blend? Let us know in the comments on our Facebook page!

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