Bold Beasts: Why you Should Adopt a Rescue Dog
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Bold Beasts: rescue dogs

Bold Beasts: Why you Should Adopt a Rescue Dog

Dogs are often referred to as ‘man’s best friend’, and any responsible owner will tell you that the phrase is entirely accurate. Sadly, the love is not always returned by their owners, and that’s why animal shelters are always packed to the rafters. Hopefully, you can help with that. Here are some good reasons you should open your home and your heart to a rescue dog in need:

There are so many dogs out there who need love

Considering the massive amount of dogs waiting for homes in shelters across the country, it really is sad that people still feel the need to go to dog breeders, thereby increasing the demand for those pedigree dogs. As adorable as some pedigree breeds can be, they are often prone to health complications due to their breeding. Cross-breeds have a lower chance of developing serious illnesses, and they need a home just as much as their fancier cousins!

They really do love you back

Dogs are a lot more intelligent and switched-on than most people give them credit for. If you rescue an dog from the shelter, they will KNOW that you’ve rescued them, and will be forever grateful for that. All you need to recieve this incredible, unconditional love is to give them food, shelter, and affection.

It’s good for your physical health

This is especially true with dogs, for the sheer amount of exercise you will get just walking them around the park every day. When the weather’s bad, you might not feel like going for a walk outside, but if you’re a responsible dog owner you don’t have any choice! However, you’ll be glad for it when you get back, and when you can see and feel your health improving in the long term.

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It’s good for your mental health

As mentioned above, adopting a dog means an immediate increase in the amount of exercise you take. This is in itself has a positive effect on your mental health, due to the endorphins it will inevitably release. On top of this, the emotional bond between you and your four-legged friend is like nothing else on Earth, and will make you happier every day.

If you struggle with mental health issues, it is incredibly helpful to have an external focus to put your mind to. Having a pet is perfect for this – no matter how you’re feeling, they have everyday needs, and fulfilling those needs leave you with the satisfaction and peace of that you have done the right thing.

One more thing…

While we’re on the subject, there’s something else that’s worth mentioning. As anyone who works in an animal shelter will tell you, there are certain breeds and types of animal who are often overlooked.

For example, lurchers who have ‘brindle’ fur, i.e. multi-coloured, mottled patterns, often have a hard time getting someone to adopt them. I don’t know why this is – I personally think they are gorgeous! Older dogs also have a harder time getting adopted than their younger cousins, which can be heartbreaking to see.

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It’s the same way a lot of black cats have a very hard time finding their forever home, purely because of the ancient superstition that they are unlucky. That superstition is, of course, nonsense, but it has very real consequences for the black cats of today.

You can see where we’re going with this – please take this into consideration when choosing a new best friend!

Have you already rescued animals from the shelter? Let us know your stories in the comments!

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